Est. 2006.

Here we are, in chronological order:


Tom. Lover of Jesus. Writer; photographer; musician. Home-schooled with an M.A. in journalism from USC. Born & raised in Southern California. Learned to love hymns while leading music at our small Baptist church. Wearer of boots.


Dori. Lover of Jesus. Mother, reader, piano teacher. Correcter of poor grammar. Baker of the best oatmeal chocolate chip cookies known to mankind. Strict & affectionate, the sweet harmony in our song.


Isaiah. Bicycle/fire engine/music/book/dirt enthusiast. Constant asker of “why?” Dispenser of opinions. Awakening to the Gospel & loving the color red.


Amelia. Searcher of kitchen cupboards. Toucher of all the things. Mother’s daughter, tough as nails, dancing at the slightest hint of music.

Dorinda and I were both raised in Bible-believing, home-schooling, Southern California families. We grew up fifteen miles apart, but did not really get to know one another until we were young adults. We were married in 2006, two years after I had been hired by the North County Times newspaper to cover the community of Fallbrook — a job I held until 2009, when I headed back to school for my Master of Arts at USC.

All this time, Dorinda has faithfully taught piano in Fallbrook and Oceanside, exercising her gift for working with children (and for understanding some magical code known as “music theory”). In 2010, God fulfilled the desire He had given her to become a mother: Isaiah was born, and Dorinda’s territory began to expand. Amelia was added to the clan in November 2012. As Dorinda’s husband, I look forward to witnessing the extent of the blessings that God has in store for her. We don’t know how many children He wants to entrust to us, but we have names picked out already for two more boys and another girl. (Hint, hint, Father.)

Our faith has been shaped by two trips to China to work with orphans; by my career in a field on the front lines of intensifying cultural warfare; by our ten-plus years as the music leaders at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Fallbrook; by deep friendships with brothers and sisters around the world; and, now, by our kids.

Thank you for visiting and reading. I trust that you will be blessed, as we have been, by the lessons God has to teach us through our children, who are really His children.